Our Services

Alarm Response & Key Holding

This service guarantees that our SIA licensed personnel will rapidly respond to any breach of alarms throughout your premises and will investigate the causes, whilst alerting the police should any criminal activity be identified. Our security teams have the necessary experience to deal with any given situation and have the skills to adapt to the ever changing situations that may arise. A set of keys will be kept in a secure, off-site location meaning that if anyone gets locked-out, access is guaranteed 24/7.

Intruder & Access Control

The best ways to safeguard your premises is by using motion sensors, which picks up unwanted movement during closed hours. This is a cost effective way to detect unwanted visitors, as the alarm activates 10 seconds after picking up an activity through the sensors. The activation also sends a message to alert your chosen alarm response team. Alternatively, the alarm will be activated in the control centre, and the centre will notify your staff or your local security team of the intrusion.

HD CCTV Installation & Monitoring

Crime rates are effectively reduced when visible CCTV cameras are installed. CCTV installation is an effective way to protect your homes and businesses. Upon installation you will be advised on the most suitable monitoring techniques for you which will optimise your control of the environment but will also give you access to our 24 hour helpline. CCTV cameras have shown an effective reduction or deterrent of criminal activity by around 80% which highlights just how important this type of security is. Make yourself at ease and call us today on our helpline to find out more.

Manned Security

Manned security guards are an obvious and effective protective team which remains one of the best methods of protecting your property and personnel. Fully trained and SIA licenced, the security guard/s patrol your premises and can take part in dual responsibilities such as risk assessments. Our security guards can also be available in the later hours and can provide 24 hour cover for your site. The presence of our trusted and dedicated team will deter events such as theft and vandalism as they will report any suspicious acts immediately to you and alongside CCTV, this can aid with future investigations. This services will give you extra satisfaction as manned security personnel can carry out detailed investigations of suspicious activity whereas CCTV cameras will only record as such.

Mobile Patrols & Void Property Inspection

Although CCTV cameras are effective and reduce crime rates greatly, the added effect of patrol guards even further reduce the likelihood of property damage, vandalism and theft. Mobile security patrols monitor locations and even CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of the site in question. Mobile guards are able to move about and investigate as well as report back any suspicious activity. This type of visual deterrent enhances secures your property even further and limits access and entry to those who are authorised to enter.

Monitored Intruder & Fire Alarm

Our intruder alarms have the capacity to be linked to an alarm receiving centre of your choice. This could be your own personal devices or one our centres which are monitored throughout the day. There are several methods and systems in place which can help to detect intruders and we work with our client to give them the most suitable and most cost-effective method for them. If you are interested in monitored intruder alarms, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team.

Our Sectors


Construction sites are important areas of development that need protecting. Not only is it full of high-quality valuable equipment’s and new materials, but during its development stages, building sites can often be a place to target for thieves.


We offer professional manned security in areas that are busy and congested with people such as airports, public sector buildings, banks, hotels, receptions and offices. With many people passing through daily, security in these environments is highly recommended for the safety of staff and visitors.


Industrial factories and warehouses are often targeted by criminals seeking to take advantage of the high quality equipment and machinery housed within these buildings. It is therefore highly recommended to use security measures to deter these unwanted visitors and also to sway their intention.

Logistics Security

Experienced and trained security guards are available to secure your premises day and night for your logistics company. Whether manned or static, these guards can safeguard and protect areas such as gatehouses, access point and car parks across a varied number of sites.

Energy & Natural Resources

We offer the service of static security personnel who can patrol areas wherein natural resources are developed or extracted. The importance of these sites and locations and the need to protect them from vandalism and theft is of great concern to us.

Property Management

Our intruder alarms have the capacity to be linked to an alarm receiving centre of your choice. This could be your own personal devices or one our centres which are monitored throughout the day.