About Us

JH Security is based upon the personal experience of hardworking ex-security personnel who have undertaken various security roles. Through our own experience and our great determination, we have uncovered gaps in global security companies that we hope to improve, bringing to you a high level of security that you can rely upon. By this, our company understands the best way to enhance security and is bringing this expertise to life.

Alarm Response & Key Holding

This service guarantees that our SIA licenced personnel will rapidly respond to any breach of alarms throughout your premises and will investigate the causes, whilst alerting the police should any criminal activity be identified.

Intruder & Access Control

The best ways to safeguard your premises is by using motion sensors, which picks up unwanted movement during closed hours. This is a cost effective way to detect unwanted visitors, as the alarm activates 10 seconds after picking up an activity through the sensors.

CCTV Installation & Monitoring

CCTV installation is an effective way to protect your homes and businesses. Upon installation you will be advised on the most suitable monitoring techniques for you which will optimise your control of the environment but will also give you access to our 24 hour helpline.

Mobile Patrols & Void Inspection

Mobile security patrols monitor locations and even CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of the site in question. Mobile guards are able to move about and investigate as well as report back any suspicious activity.

Manned Security

Fully trained and SIA licensed, the security guard/s patrol your premises and can take part in dual responsibilities such as risk assessments. Our security guards can also be available in the later hours and can provide 24 hour cover for your site.

Monitored Intruder & Fire Alarm

Our intruder alarms have the capacity to be linked to an alarm receiving centre of your choice. This could be your own personal devices or one our centres which are monitored throughout the day.

Established in Yorkshire, JH Security is a company designed to cater to the exact requirements of our clients. We conduct ourselves in a professional manner and seek to attain the highest levels of security service in a wide range of sectors.

We can provide security for a single day, events, industrial warehouses and other industries regardless of length of time. So whether you need one day cover or a longer contract, do not hesitate to get in touch and discuss your requirements with one of our dedicated team members.

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